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2-Day Intensive Workshop

  • Conquer the skills to project your Executive Presence
  • From Senior Leaders to Managers with C-Suite aspirations
  • Train with like-minded Business Professionals
  • Exclusively for Executives
  • Limited enrollment available for Spring 2017!



2-Day Intensive Workshop
Master the mandatory skills to:

  • Lead and motivate your team
  • Achieve continuous team performance
  • Exceed corporate goals
  • Realize personal goals
  • Escalate promotional opportunities
Now available for the first time outside corporate boardrooms!



2-Day Workshop in Toronto

  • Training previously available only in corporate settings
  • Internationally proven system
  • Utilized in training programs for major corporations
Global reputation:
  • Across the Americas: North, Central and South
  • Europe
  • Gulf Region






“I believe that Corporate Class’s programs are a must for any professional doing business in today’s competitive market.
It was in the fall of 1995 when I first met with Diane Craig. I am still using her practical tips in business etiquette, working a room, dining skills and wardrobe planning.”

Carol Stephenson,
Former Dean, Richard Ivey School of Business, London, ON, Board of Director
General Motors and several Canadian companies
“Training with Corporate Class provided a series of true Aha! Moments. What a wealth of information. As I move forward with my career, I understand the importance of credibility and making a statement of confidence. This was great – thank you again.”
Devonia Debeck,
Founder, Debeck Group, Toronto ON
“I wanted to thank you again for the great 2-day seminar session March 26 and 27. I learned so much in only two days. I’d like to be an ongoing student of Corporate Class so I’d welcome the opportunity to be on the distribution list for upcoming training sessions, seminars, webinars, or lunch and learn opportunities. As the saying goes, success is a habit!”
Joe Graci,
President & GM, Board of Directors Interwork Technologies, Toronto ON

“Thank you again for the training you provided for our team. All the tips and advice were very helpful and the delivery of the overall message regarding image was priceless from my standpoint. You created awareness that I can now build upon as the leader of this team, and for that I am most appreciative! I will plan to stay in contact with you and I hope that we can engage your talent once again at our Captain’s Conference.”

Greg Purdy,
SVP, Marine Operations, Royal Caribbean International, Miami FL

“The investment I made with Corporate Class has helped me personally and increased my business exponentially. This program has reinforced the value we place on a work environment that is based on respect. Understanding and consideration for our internal and external clients. This training has also supported our employees in their career development, proving to be a great professional and personal investment for everyone who attended.”

Peggy McColl,
Former Dean, Richard Ivey School of Business, London, ON

“I highly recommend Corporate Class for all levels of business and entertainment. Corporate Class is gracious and creative in building your confidence to new levels. They put you at ease. I have found Corporate Class invaluable in building the foundation of how I will present to the tens of thousands in our audience. Whether it is skills for working a room or hosting a banquet for hundreds, their insights are invaluable.”

Lorna Dueck,
CEO, Crossroads Communications Inc. and Yes TV, Toronto ON
“Let me start by saying that I did not want to wait any longer to thank you for being able to benefit from a wonderful 2 days of superior learning. And what a stimulating group of people we were with! Your leadership was evident throughout as was your significant knowledge and acumen, undergirded by much savoir fare and – such taste and sensitivity in delivery. I also very much appreciated your team and their wonderful spirit and contribution. All in all, time so well spent. With warm regards and much appreciation.”
Denis St-Amour,
President & CEO, Strategic Advisory Consulting Services, Beaconsfield, QC
“At TD Waterhouse, we thrive on providing our employees with the training necessary to succeed in their job. As part of this commitment, we implemented an interpersonal communication skills program. Focusing on strengthening our business relationships with clients and improving our professional presence. This program has reinforced the value we place on a work environment that is based on respect, understanding and consideration for our internal and external clients. This training has also supported our employees in their career development, proving to be a great professional and personal investment for everyone who attended.”
Gerry O’Mahoney,
Former COO, TD Waterhouse, Toronto ON
“Our work with Corporate Class aims to provide Canadian graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with the soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace. We have been partnering with corporate Class for 4+ years and are thrilled with the expertise and enthusiasm they bring to each workshop. Participant feedback from their Networking and Career Professionalism sessions are always positive, with many participants wanting to connect with them after the session is done to get more tips. Working with Corporate Class has allowed us to effectively train the next generation of Canadian innovators for success in business. What we appreciate most is their ability to provide high-quality programming, delivering expected results each time and keeping everyone happy.”
Michelle Aguayo,
Director, Professional Development, Mitacs Inc., Toronto ON
“To the Corporate Class team, the training was absolutely phenomenal. I am not usually easily impressed, but I can say that this has been one of the best, if not the best, training session I attended in years. Diane, your insight and expertise, your sense of humor, your willingness to tactfully provide open and honest feedback that is totally on point, your tips and suggestions for improvement – and your stories made the last two days highly educational, memorable and fun. I am looking forward to the 16 weeks sustainability program.”
Marwa Jazi,
Director, Human Resources, Ricoh, Toronto, ON
”I gained great insights into better navigating today’s professional arena. It was an honor and a pleasure to have had the good fortune of working with Corporate Class Inc. I have benefited greatly in so many areas from their guidance and expertise.”
Lois Cormack,
CEO, Sienna Senior Living Inc., Toronto ON
“I just wanted to take the time to inform you how much I appreciated being apart of this experience. After digesting everything I’ve learned and experience I truly cannot wait to show the world the person I aspire to be. This has opened my eyes to new paths for myself not only inside the office but as well continuing it with my everyday lifestyle. I feel so fortunate to have found you and learned such valuable life skills; it is truly an honor. Once again I want to say thank you for everything, you have truly inspired me. I look forward to future interactions with you and your outstanding team. I wish you good fortune for all of your hard work and dedication in the future.”
Christian Rinomato,
Assistant Site Supervisor, Country Home, Tonlu Holdings, Toronto ON

“I have worked with coaches before to support my personal and professional development and the two-day training and subsequent assessment and coaching from Diane and Corporate Class has absolutely been a game changer for me. Through our discussions, I have much greater awareness and understanding of how my behaviors and impressions may hold me back from unlocking my potential as an executive. The approach is based on research and the latest thinking on executive presence. The advice has been truthful and direct, yet delivered in a kind way that helps me internalize it, remember it in the moment, and reach for different behaviors. There are certainly other vendors in this space, but I’d be surprised if their service came close to that offered by this high touch, highly effective team.”

Bill Huffaker,
Global Director of Talent Management and Acquisition, Talent and Development, Human Resources, General Motors, Detroit MI

Excerpt from his book:
Thinking Big – My Adventures in Life and Democracy
“I also gave some attention to my image in the period running up to the 1997 election. In the beginning, I was loath to give this subject much of my time. Why couldn’t the media and the public just focus on what I had to say, instead of obsessing about my voice, hair, spectacles, smile and clothes? Of course I knew intellectually that if you are going to communicate effectively with people in this age of television, you simply can’t divorce substance from image. I just didn’t want to deal with the challenge on a personal level. Finally, my communications people convinced me by saying that if my personal appearance, bearing and idiosyncrasies actually distracted people and kept them from hearing or seeing what I was trying to communicate, it would be wise to do something at least to minimize the distractions. Diane Craig was invited to advise on clothes and manners, and we got to work on the “image”. And Diane Craig undertook to get me a more leader–like wardrobe and made sure the look was appropriate for whatever the occasion.”

Preston Manning,
Retired Canadian Politician, Founder, the Reform Party of Canada and the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance